Choosing a builder for your renovations

by reno on September 6, 2011

Once you’re decided to go down the renovation path, one of the next big decisions is to choose a builder.

Arguably, choosing a builder is one of the most important decisions to be made when undertaking renovations, as they are going to have a huge impact on the final result.

A great design can be ruined by poor execution by the builder, and on the other hand, a poor design can be improved upon by a great builder with good vision and attention to detail.

Viewing examples of a builder’s work is a good way to help with the decision process, especially if the examples are similar to the work you are planning for your own renovation project.

Another important aspect when choosing a builder for your renovation is that they hold the right types of builders insurance.  If something goes wrong on the project and your builder doesn’t have the right insurance, the results can be financially devastating.

Of course insurance isn’t the only thing to look for in a prospective builder, but it is definitely worth looking at.

Perhaps the most important factor in finding a builder for your renovation is to find one that you know you’ll be able to work with.  As anyone who has worked with a builder will know, if you don’t both get along well, things can go wrong very quickly!

There are plenty of renovators out there, so take the time to find the right one for you and your project.

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