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Renovating a Children’s Bedroom

Renovating a Children’s Bedroom

by reno on September 18, 2011

Renovations often focus on the external aspects of a home, or the major internal rooms such as the kitchen, bathrooms and living areas.

A room that gets less attention at renovation time is the children’s bedrooms.

Renovating a child’s bedroom generally won’t involve any structural changes, unless it is part of larger reconfiguration of the home.  Instead, the renovation will focus on the minor details.

Children's Furniture

Changes to the bedroom could involve making the room more practical, such as building in cupboards or shelves.

In most cases the bedroom renovations will revolve around painting and colour choice, and the furniture and decorations that are chosen for the child’s bedroom.

Painting a bedroom is not a problem for most DIY renovators, so most of the focus here will be on the colour choice.  Leaving the decision up to the child is the most obvious suggestion here, but one needs to be careful as the child may choose colours which are not appropriate for a bedroom.

Some parents are happy to let their children choose any colour they like, whilst other want to have more control and stick with more traditional colours.  At the end of the day, it’s just a coat of paint.  When you decide to sell the home it is not a huge job to repaint the room in a more sales-friendly colour.

The area which will have the greatest impact on your children’s bedroom renovation is the furniture and decoration you fill it with.

Years ago children’s furniture was fairly boring.  Designs were simple and practical, and novelty beds were uncommon.

Today, the choice of furniture for your children’s bedroom is almost unlimited.  There are now a number of children’s furniture stores throughout Australia stocking a huge range of children’s beds, desks and other furniture and decorations.

Kids beds are available in all sorts of novelty designs and styles.  There are beds that look like racing cars, fire trucks, trains and even helicopters.  Along with the beds there are all sorts of desks, bedside tables and chests of drawers to match.

To complete the renovation and to complement the chosen furniture for your child’s room there is a large range of decorations available for both boys and girls bedrooms.

Large wall decals are a popular addition, and come in all sorts of designs from butterflies to racing cars and cricket players.  Wall decals and other decorations can be a great finishing touch for  any children’s bedroom.

Some fresh paint, great furniture and some extra detail pieces can really transform your child’s bedroom from plain to amazing.

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